Love Cats will / will not

What will Love Cats do?

  • Love your cats like they are our own (and like you do). We love getting to know all the different personalities – that’s the best bit!
  • Feed, change water, clean litter tray, check that they seem well and healthy.
  • Fuss, play with and groom them (if that’s what they want). If they’re not keen on any of that, we’ll just sit with them and keep them company for a while – one of our team has gotten to know plenty of shy cats while doing her knitting!
  • Let them out / keep them in – whatever they’re used to. We want to maintain their routine as closely as possible.
  • Administer medication, if required.
  • Transport them to your vet, if an emergency arises (after speaking with you first, if possible).
  • Send you regular messages, photos and videos of what your pet gets up to when you’re away.
  • Bring in your post, water your indoor plants (and potted outdoor plants in hot, dry weather), switch lights on/off as arranged and whatever else you consider important for the security of your home whilst you’re away.
  • Keep your keys between visits away (if required) – as a spare key holder, we’ve helped many a locked-out cat owner over the years.
  • Visit your pet once or twice a day – see our prices.

What we will NOT do!

  • Post your keys through the door at the end of the care period – should you be delayed from your holiday, Love Cats will need to gain access to feed and check on your cats.
  • Check in on your cats every other day only. Even with timer feeding dishes, cats left alone need checking on each day to see that they are healthy and happy, have fresh water, food, clean litter (and fuss).
  • Advertise that Love Cats is a pet sitting service anywhere on our cars, on clothes etc. This, in our view, could be used by burglars to see that you are away and that your house is therefore empty.
  • Keep your keys with any documentation linking it to your home address.
  • Take on any new clients whose cats are not registered with a vet and up to date with vaccinations, de-flea and worming medication.
  • Charge you for initial registration (as some pet sitting companies do) unless your first booking with us is for less than 2 days (in which case, the registration charge will be credited against your second booking).